Rebecca Scott’s Story

Rebecca Scott’s Story

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Rebecca Scott’s Story

* 23 lbs lost total (149lbs to 126lbs)

* Waist 29″ to 24″

* Size 10 to size 4

My Story

Doing a little comparison collage. I don’t even know who the girl on the left is anymore. All I can say is I’ma whole new person thanks to Fighterdiet.

What would your comparison pic look like in 7 months if you ….

Strictly adhered to the diet plan and ate the volume continuously?

Made your workouts a priority and give it your all regardless of how you feel at the moment?

Ignored the mirror, divorced your scale and just focused on 100% compliance?

Developed a solid appreciation and love for yourself giving you permission to put yourself first?

Deliberately think empowering thoughts, believed it could happen for me, thus being your own personal, best motivator.

It’s what I did. It’s wasn’t magic. It wasn’t luck.

It was a lining up with a decision, disciplining my dedication and taking the deliberate action to create the me I want to be.

– Rebecca

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