What a Real Woman is to Me

What a Real Woman is to Me

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What a Real Woman is to Me

1) A real woman takes care of herself.

2) She doesn’t need or seeks validation from others.

3) A real woman does not need a man.

4) She knows her value and worth.

5) She treats others with respect.

6) A real woman dares to walk her own path.

7) A real woman follows her heart.

8) She fights for what she wants.

9) She works hard to reach her goals.

10) A real woman, if she chooses to be a mother, will raise strong daughters.

11) A real woman, if she chooses to be child free, will inspire young girls to do what they want to do, not what we’re told we’re obligated to do.

12) A real woman doesn’t sacrifice her happiness for others.

13) She knows she needs to be happy to make others happy.

14) A real woman invests in her inside.

15) A real woman is comfortable with herself.

16) She knows everyone has issues and insecurities, but she faces her fears.

17) A real woman doesn’t stay quiet to be cute.

18) If she stays quiet it’s because silence can be golden.

19) A real woman doesn’t let fear hold her down.

20) She takes chances and puts her talent to work.

21) A real woman constantly seeks knowledge.

22) A real woman does not gossip or spread lies.

23) A real woman finds her calling in life and then no matter what others tell her, she will follow her intuition and bloom.


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